The Perfect Gift – A Penis Cake!

Adult Cake Penis Cake

A bachelorette party on her hen night is going to want the gift she receives from her guests to be one she will always cherish and remember. A penis cake is the one gift that will tick all the right boxes as the perfect gift – and here’s why!
A penis cake is made from all the usual ingredients you would usually find on any every day cake, only here, its phallic shape is shaped the same as a penis. Penis cakes come complete with ridged head and one scrotum sack housing the two balls.
It’s Your Cake Design, Your Style!
How you decide which type of (penis) cake to give the bride to be will say a lot about you. It is a way to seal your friendship, show what sense of humour you have and gauge the level of sauciness you have. Some bachelorettes are receiving penis cakes with a leather shaft running along length of the penis cake; this is actually no more harmless than a strip of dark chocolate dressing, made to look like a harness of bondage. The chastised theme will give your gift that S&M feel to your level of sauciness when you present your penis cake gift on that hen party night.
A penis cake is the perfect gift because it can be photographed, eaten and enjoyed whilst eating (that’s if you can manage to keep a straight face). The one feature that will stand out above and beyond all those other gifts is the fun factor of this gift.
Imagine when the bride to be is asked which gifts she received from whom at the bachelorette party and who bought what on the following day: The person who purchased the penis cake and then designed it in their inimitable style will get first mention – guaranteed!
You’ll probably hear the hen say something like, “Well Heather got me some nice underwear, Paris bought me some lovely perfume, Joanna purchased me some lovely gift-wrapped soaps, Penny gave me some iTunes gift vouchers but naughty Nina got me a penis cake! Which was an amazing dark chocolate cake with veins and balls made from a soft sponge which everybody could eat.”
Just watch the eyebrows rise when the penis cake is mentioned, the smile come across the face and the mouth open wide enough to swallow a football – all because someone chose the perfect gift of a penis cake!

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Birthday Cakes that look to good to eat in NYC

NYC Custom Birthday Cake Service


Are you planning a party or celebrating a birthday? Do you want a delicious, custom, artful dessert as the tasty centerpiece of your special occasion? If you want something popular and unique, order a fondant birthday cake from our custom service, delivering to Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Long Island.

We have a variety of fondant designs, and we are sure to make the perfect birthday cake for any friend or member of your family. Whether you want a Frozen cake for your daughter, a sports team cake for your husband, or asimple floral design for a friend, we can make the right cake for you and your party.

Custom Cakes

Birthday Cakes New York

Our custom birthday cake service delivers the tastiest and most realistic fondant cakes in every burrow of New York City. Our fondant cakes are not only sweet and flavorful desserts; the nature of fondant allows us to make our cakes into art. Fondant is an icing, more like sugary dough, that we use to cover and decorate our cakes. It is as malleable as playdough, allowing us to sculpt and shape it into our custom designs, and can be made in any color.

If you live in New York City and want a delectable, unique dessert for your party or birthday celebration, we are the place for you. Our service promises you exceptional custom fondant birthday cakes in any design and for every theme. Check us out for the best fondant cakes in New York City!


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The Delicate Artistry Of Cake Baking


Lavishly baked cakes with specific cake and icing flavors own a welcome place at many gatherings and parties. Birthdays, anniversary's, baby showers, bachelor/bachelorette and many other celebrations just wouldn't be complete without a beautiful cake centerpiece.

Just as we loved the fantastic scene cakes of our childhood birthdays, expertly crafted fondant cakes bring a certain level of expectation and an especially good feeling to the recipients, and the participants of great, cake bearing party's.

People love extravagantly decorated cakes, they also love decadent, rich tasty cakes. A great looking cake that tastes as amazing as it looks, when it looks extremely amazing, is difficult to pull off and extremely satisfying to serve and to eat. It will take more than a master baker, and more than a fondant artist. Truly amazing cakes require a cake baking genius working the ovens.

Cake Baking College

To bake truly amazing cakes the bakery artist must be a skilled artist and cake baker. A mediocre combination of the two will lead to mediocre cakes. A great bakery artist will spend years working the ovens, baking all sorts of tasty creations for various occasions.

Some will bake for family and friends, but the really great ones, will bake for a patronage or customer base, and share their delectable goodies with the world. Their years of working the ovens isn't really the same as college, but those years of practice are highlighted with their wondrous cake creations..

There are higher education facilities that offer bakery school and some expert bakery artists may have attended. The hands on approach is often the road taken. Young bakery artists cultivate their baking and decorating skills by spending years working the ovens doing something they love.

Decorative Cakes And Fondant Icing

The cakes themselves can be made of many flavors or styles. Heavier cakes work best with fondant, but just about any type of cake can be used with fondant icing or filling. Chocolate, red velvet, carrot cake, whatever your cake pleasure, a masterful bakery artist can bake up exactly what you're looking for.

Poured fondant is is a mixture made mostly of sugar and water. It is heated and then cooled and whipped to make a thick, creamy filling that can be flavored with a large variety of scrumptious flavors. This style of fondant is generally used as filling for premium or designer cakes and can be flavored to satisfy any particular taste

Rolled fondant is still a sugar and water mixture, but it is made a bit different and has a harder, mold-able texture. It is commonly used as the icing on expertly made custom cakes to create a piece of artwork for your celebration. The rolled fondant icing is crafted into artful masterpieces that are sure to please.

Delectable cakes made by professional bakery artists are the in thing for parties and important celebrations. A masterpiece cake is the perfect way to let someone know how you feel, or let them know you care. You don't skimp on gifts and party plans, the cake is not the place to cut corners. Celebratory cakes are the centerpiece of the celebration and should represent them properly.

Plan your next celebration with a custom made fondant cake from a professional bakery artist. The experience will have you planning your next get together with cake in mind.



Penis Cakes: Naughty, Very Naughty But Very Nice!

Cake Tray ready to serve that penis cake

Most of you reading this will have done a double take when see the words “penis cake,” most will have thought a spellcheck error must slipped in there somewhere. But no, penis cakes are hot, fashionable and being used at hen parties, fun events, erotica parties and any adult-orientated buffet night in a way never seen before.

An Introduction to the Penis Cake

A cake that is shaped like a penis is basically it in a nutshell; but there are a number of features that will make a penis cake memorable, funny, comical, and tasty and guaranteed to get all those bachelorettes clicking away on their smartphones the moment the bell end makes contact with the guests’ lips. Some penis cakes are big enough to feed an entire bachelorette party while others will be fitting for just one mouth. The one feature they will all redeem is that they can be eaten – only, try keeping a straight face when you do bite into your penis cake.

Where and When Should I Serve Up a Penis Cake? (Its a great bachelorette party idea!)

At any point during a bachelorette party is ideal but the hen night is not complete without a hired limousine cruise to a great night spot in town. When you first get in to the limo, usually the limo-hire company provide a glass of bubbly for the girls to toast the new bride-to-be. However, champagne and a penis cake for every girl will set the laughter roaring, the fun escalating and the cameras rolling like never before.
If you are thinking about buying an erotic themed birthday cake in NYC, then the erotic bakery , Erotic baking is the best place. The penis cake will add to the fun and games and you can give your hen party a night they will never remember. Moreover, before you just dismiss the penis cake as a novelty feature that you should wrap your lips around and pose for the camera, remember they can actually taste rather nice.
The usual cake mix that you would make your everyday cake with is used for the baking process; what you need to strive for is the design and any toppings you may want to add. Hundreds and thousands are a common favourite to sprinkle around the scrotum area of your penis cake and icing is often used to add a naughty sperm drizzle from the head of your penis cake.
Penis cakes can be made from white caramel toppings or even dark chocolate with veins added to give the design that extra bit of authenticity.


It takes a Jell-O Village

Jell-O City Hall, San Francisco
Liz Hickok’s work in Jell-O can be seen at the Triptych Gallery in Berekely, California.
Click the image to see the Jell-O version of a San Francisco earthquake:
[via Laughing Squid]

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Arugula Humas

Arugala Humus.JPG

1 cup uncooked garbanzo beans
1 cup tahini
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
3 cloves of finely chopped garlic
1 1/2 tsp salt
freshly ground pepper
1 cup of arugula
Soak garbanzo beans for at least 3 hours until they are plump and swollen.
In a pressure cooker cook the beans for 15 minutes. (Begin timing when pressure is up) If you don't have a pressure cooker, cook garbanzo beans for 1 1/2 hours or until very soft. As a short cut alternative, buy two large cans of cooked garbanzo beans. Save at least a cup of the water the beans were cooked in.
In a food processor puree the beans until the consistency is smooth. Add tahini, lemon juice, garlic, salt and arugula. Add bean water if the mixture is too thick.
Serve with warm pita bread, minty lentil salad, olives, mint and feta cheese.

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Now you can cook your pizza while you sit in a traffic jam

portable pizza oven.jpg
[From via Red Ferret]:

12–volt Pizza Maker. The Ferret can think of several trivial or important reasons why every geek-driven automobile in the civilised world should contain one of these majestic examples of high technology equipment. World peace is just one. $39.99.
* Plugs Directly into Your Cigarette Lighter Socket
* Unique Heating Elements Cooks from Oven Top and Bottom
* Use with Any Oven Safe Cookware

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Wednesday Activity

Billionaires for Bush lead the high-life....and tomorrow so can you.
[From Billionaires for Bush via Flavor Pill]:
Billionaires for Bush: The Drunk on Power Ball
When: Wedneday, August 8 - 8 PM 'til late
Where: The Frying Pan (23rd St and the Westside Hwy, 212.989.6363)
Price: $20 / $15 advance
Dress to oppress, as Billionaires for Bush add a satirical twist to the usual political fund-raising event. You won't be offered a choice of chicken or salmon, but the selection of performers is far more tasty. It includes a preview of the Billionaire musical that was too hot for the Fringe Festival; progressives' favorite selector, DJ $mall ¢hange; BfB's own cabaret troupe of dissolute heiresses and retired CEOs; and Shinto Kings' surf-rock delirium. Plus, throughout the evening, a merry band makes light of pulling a reverse Robin Hood in the Billionaires Follies. Break out the bling and raise some class warfare.

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Sausage by a Stream


We decided to take a walk to Lumphini Park. I heard rumor we could spot monitor lizards -- prehistoric beasts as big as alligators, but with anteater-like snouts. Even more exciting are the exercises classes that are reportedly as fun to watch as they are to take part. Elderly citizen jazzer-sizing to "It's so easy to fall in love" may be the best solution to a long healthy life. When they can't keep up with the instructor's moves they invent their own, making for an eclectic tableau of movement. But I am now off the subject of sausage.

As we strolled off the main road of Sukhumvit to a canal walkway, I spotted a rack draped in orange necklaces. A man at his coal-grill waved when he noticed my interest in his jewelry. He ran down the embankment to present his offerings. Up close, a spicy scent wafted from the chains. It quickly became clear that the links weren't that of stones but rather of meat. Thai sausages drying by the riverside.


Learn to make your own sausages here:


Pollywong Juice


On every street corner there are large vats of chilled drinks. With the mid-day heat beating down, the magenta liquid beckoned me to it. Upon closer inspection I noticed that suspended in the beverage were little globules that look like pollywog eggs. Of course this was an invitation rather than a deterrent. I ordered a large cup and sipped away at this Thai rendition of bubble tea. I never knew that basil seeds had a gelatinous coating.

basil seeds

basil seeds

compare the frog eggs to the basil seeds

compare the frog eggs to the basil seeds

In the end the drink was too sweet, but I was glad to have tried the seeds.